Go with the Flow...

August 2001

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San Diego Biotechnology Center Now Open

GFP and Flow Cytometry

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Hot FACS Applications
  • Assessing Bacterial Invasion
    Summary of: Edwards, RA and Maloy, SR (2001) Inside or Outside: Detecting the Cellular Location of Bacterial Pathogens. BioTechniques 30(2):304-311.
  • Measuring Cell Death
    Summary of: Merchant, SH, Gonchoroff, NJ and Hutchison, RE (2001) Apoptotic Index by Annexin V Flow Cytometry: Adjunct to Morphologic and Cytogenetic Diagnosis of Myelodysplastic Syndrome. Cytometry 46:28-32.

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Understanding FACS
  • FACS Data: The Controls

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Fun "Facs"

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