Go with the Flow...

July 2002

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Page 1

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Summary of:

  • M Maksimow, K Hakkila, M Karp, M Virta (2002) Simultaneous Detection of Bacteria Expressing GFP and DsRed Genes with a Flow Cytometer. Cytometry 47:243-247.

New T-Shirt!

  • The front says, "Tell your cells to start getting in line..."

  • The back says, "The FLOW doctor is in!"

Page 2

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Understanding FACS

  • FACS data: Multiple Color Controls
    (continued on page 3)

Page 3

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Understanding FACS (continued from page 2)

  • FACS data: Multiple Color Controls
    (continued from page 3)

Page 4

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Fun "Facs"

  • Anacrostic
  • Win free T-shirt, shown on page 1, for the correct solution to the puzzle
    (by August 31, 2002)

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